Watercraft Inspection Steward Program Training Materials

Program Leaders Workshop 2015

This daylong workshop highlighted the logistics of managing the watercraft inspection component of a water-based stewardship program. Find materials from each presenter:



Current Program Models:




Program Leaders Workshop 2016

Welcome to Watercraft Inspection Steward Program Leader’s Workshop

Getting Started: How to Start a Watercraft Inspection Program

Sustainable Funding Solutions: How to Keep Your Program Afloat

Options for Watercraft Decontamination after Zebra Mussel Exposure

Watercraft Data

Emerging Aquatic Invasive Animals

Emerging Invasive Aquatic Plants – Be on the Lookout! (1)

Emerging Invasive Aquatic Plants – Be on the Lookout! (2)

Clean, Drain, Dry: It’s Not Just a Good Idea


Fall 2015 Webinar Series

This webinar series focused on the logistics of starting and managing the watercraft inspection component of a water-based stewardship program.

Identification, Impact, Prevention & Control of Aquatic Invasive Species with Megan Pistolese, St. Lawrence Eastern Lake Ontario Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management

How to Start a Watercraft Inspection Program with Brittney Rogers, New York Sea Grant Extension

Standardized Watercraft Inspection Data Collection with Eric Holmlund, Paul Smith’s Adirondack Watershed Institute Stewardship Program

Current Watercraft Inspection Program Models: Staffing Structures & Funding Mechanisms Panel:

  • Session Introduction: Brittney Rogers, New York Sea Grant Extension
  • Lake George: Dave Wick, Lake George Park Commission
  • NYS: Patty Wakefield and Megan Phillips, NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
  • Conesus Lake: Louie Bo Freeman, Livingston Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Adirondack Region: Eric Holmlund, Paul Smith’s Watershed Steward Program

What Anglers and Boaters Know & Still Need to Hear About Aquatic Invasive Species with Nancy Connelly, Cornell University Natural Resources Department

Watercraft Inspection Legislation and Regulations: A Facilitated Discussion with David G. White, New York Sea Grant Extension


2017 Webinar Series

This webinar series focused on watercraft-inspection related laws and regulations, program logistics, recent invasive species research, funding opportunities and development from volunteer to paid staff.


Thursday, October 12: “Approaches to Watercraft Inspection and Decontamination Programs”

Hosted by the Invasive Mussel Collaborative: Discussing approaches to watercraft inspections and decontamination, focusing on voluntary programs within the Great Lakes region. Speakers included: (1) Jo Latimore, Michigan State University; (2) Ed Rudberg, CD3; (3) Pat Conzemius, Wildlife Forever; (4) Erin McFarlane, University of Wisconsin Extension; and (5) Brittney Rogers, New York Sea Grant.

Thursday, October 19: “NYS Watercraft-Related Legislation and Regulations”

Speakers included: (1) Catherine McGlynn, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation AIS Coordinator; (2) Matthew Brincka, New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation Ocean and Great Lakes Educator.

Thursday, October 26: “Small Watercraft Inspection Program Logistics, Funding and Partnerships”

Speakers included: (1) Jane Smith: Adirondack Lakes Alliance, Inc. Associate Director; (2) Karen Winters: Black Lake Association former Steward Program Coordinator.

Thursday, November 2: “New Data Collection App Pilot Program: Software, Results, Next Steps”

Speakers included: (1) Heidi Krahling: NY Natural Heritage Program iMapInvasives Information Manager; (2) Meg Wilkinson, NY Natural Heritage Program Invasive Species Database Program Coordinator.

Friday, November 10: “Predicting Aquatic Invasions in New York State”

Speakers included: (1) Richard R. Shaker, Ryerson University, Toronto; (2) GeoEco Design, Syracuse; (3) Co-author of Predicting aquatic invasion in Adirondack lakes.


Training Templates:

AIS Training Template


Watercraft Inspection Overview

QAQC Document


Additional Resources:

Watercraft Inspection/Boat Stewardship Program Checklist

Potential Funding Resources for Lake Associations

New York State Watercraft Inspection Steward Program Handbook

NYS Aquatic Invasive Species Regulations Summary Rack Card

2015 FAQs about AIS Regulations

New York State Parks Aquatic Invasive Species Regulations

History of Watercraft Inspection Programs