APIPP Announces Knotweed Injection Tool Loaner Program

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We are pleased to announce the launch of APIPP’s Stem Injection Tool Loaner Program. Landowners may now request access to APIPP’s specialized herbicide application equipment to facilitate the effective and environmentally conscious control of knotweed on their own property.

Participants will receive free access to a stem injection tool, along with technical advice and support from APIPP’s Terrestrial Project Coordinator, Zack Simek. To be eligible, participants must complete a landowner assumption of risk and release of liability form and management sites must be in upland areas, greater than 100 feet from any wetlands or waterbodies, and fall within the property boundaries of the person requesting the tool. Equipment will be offered through September on a first come, first served basis. Guidance on herbicide products to use with the tool will be provided, but NOT the products themselves.


Watch APPIPs knotweed management training video


Visit http://adkinvasives.com/ for more information on this program or contact APIPP to reserve a tool.

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