Watercraft Inspection Steward Program Training Materials

Watercraft Inspection Stewards meeting to discuss appropriate uniform.
Credit: New York Sea Grant

New York State Watercraft Inspection Steward Program Handbook

This handbook has established the standard protocol for watercraft inspection for the state of New York. The resources on this page align with the developed protocol and the handbook should be used as the overarching training tool. This illustrated handbook includes a Watercraft Inspection Steward Training and Field Guide.  


Archives from Watercraft Inspection Program Leaders Workshops

Agendas, PowerPoints and other materials from previous workshops are archived here. Content includes: the logistics of managing the watercraft inspection component of a water-based stewardship programstandardized data collection, AIS prevention messaging, and more.


Archived Watercraft Inspection Webinars

This collection of archived webinars cover 4 years of topics relevant to watercraft inespction such as climate change and AIS, watercraft related regulations and legislation, using social psychology to increase success of programs, funding programs, dealing with the public, forming new partnerships, program structure, WISPA data app updates, and more. 


Watercraft Inspection Steward Training Templates

These templates are used to train stewards to be able to perform their responsibilities, define the roles of program partners and staff, and for hiring new stewards. These materials include: checklists that can be used while conducting inspections, materials for hiring new stewards, data collection sheets, permission letters, an AIS identification PowerPoint, and a quality control plan.


Watercraft Inspection Steward Training Videos

These videos are available for Steward Program Leaders to use during Steward Orientation, as well as general clean, drain, dry, knowledge and approaches for dispelling common AIS myths.


Additional Resources

The provided resources cover information about regulations, distribution materials, rack cards, guides for training stewards, a checklist for planning a steward training, and a watercraft inspection steward program coordinator training manual. Many of these documents are printable and can be used for distribution or training purposes.