New York State Invasive Species Advisory Committee

The Invasive Species Advisory Committee (ISAC) is a statutory body created in 2008 by Title 17, Section 9 of the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL).

Environmental Conservation Law Title 17

The committee provides information, advice, and guidance to the Invasive Species Council, including but not limited to providing assistance with the development of the four-tier classification system for nonnative animal and plant species. Up to twenty-five members from stakeholder organizations described or specified in the law constitute the Committee. Members specifically listed in the legislation include:

  • New York Biodiversity Research Institute [New York State Museum] **
  • New York State’s Land Grant University [Cornell University] **
  • New York Sea Grant **
  • A statewide organization formed to address invasive species
  • A statewide land conservation organization
  • A statewide agricultural organization
  • A nursery business
  • A boating organization
  • Darrin Freshwater Institute [Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute] **
  • Soil and Water Conservation Districts
  • New York Natural Heritage Program **
  • New York State Forestry School [SUNY ESF] **
  • A lake association
  • New York City Department of Environmental Protection **
  • A statewide local government organization

** Indicates permanent positions by statute; other members are on a rotating basis


Annual Reports


Recommendations to the Invasive Species Council

  • Recommendations on disbursement of Environmental Protection Fund money for invasive species projects under the (2010) Cash Management Plan
  • Guidance on draft invasive species legislation
  • Pathways to minimize invasive species spread
  • 2010 letter to Governor recommending not eliminating the Invasive Species Advisory Committee
  • 2010 recommendations for an Aquatic Species Transport Law

Invasive Species Advisory Committee Reports and White Papers

  • Boat transport white paper

Visit the NYSDEC webpage for more information on upcoming Invasive Species Council meetings.