Non-Native Animal Assessments

In 2013, the Department of Environmental Conservation, and consultants with Adirondack Research, Inc., utilized three modified versions of the plant assessment protocol to assess the invasive nature of non-native animal species. This work was conducted in preparation for the development of invasive species regulations on behalf of the New York State Invasive Species Council, in consultation with the Invasive Species Advisory Committee.

As with the plant assessment protocol, consequences to the native species and natural ecosystems of New York are the focus of the animal ranking system. The ranking system is designed to be repeatable, based on the best available science, clearly explained, and fully documented. The system can be used to assess non-native animal species that are established in New York State, species that are new arrivals, as well as species that are not yet present.

Species are assessed at a statewide level using one of three separate assessment forms, Terrestrial Vertebrate, Terrestrial Invertebrate, or Fish and Aquatic Invertebrate. In all three cases, questions are organized into four broad categories:

  1. ecological impact
  2. biological characteristic and dispersal ability
  3. ecological amplitude and distribution
  4. difficulty of control

To date, a total of 83 animal species were assessed in 2013. As additional assessment forms are completed, they will be posted on this website.

Background information pertaining to the assessment process and the use of these animal assessments in the development of official regulations and lists of prohibited and regulated species can be found in the report titled “A Regulatory System for Non-Native Species” prepared by the New York Invasive Species Council in June 2010.

A Regulatory System for Non-Native Species

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has published draft invasive species regulations for public comment. The associated documents are available on the Department’s Lands and Forests Emergency, Proposed & Recently Adopted Regulations.

Lands and Forests Emergency, Proposed & Recently Adopted Regulations

Scientific Name Common NameTaxonomic GroupingEcological Rank Score NYS Profile Map

Achatina achatina

Giant Ghana Snail, Giant Tiger Land Snailaquatic invertebratesInsig. 31.25 NYS PDF

Achatina fulica

Giant African Land Snailaquatic invertebratesL 40 NYS PDF

Adelges tsugae

Hemlock Woolly Adelgidterrestrial invertebratesH 76

Agrilus planipennis

Emerald Ash Borerterrestrial invertebratesVH 96 NYS PDF

Alopochen aegyptiacus

Egyptian Gooseterrestrial and aquatic vertebratesM 52 NYS PDF

Alosa pseudoharengus

AlewifefishM 56.7 NYS PDF

Amynthas spp.

Asian Earthwormsterrestrial invertebratesH 71 NYS PDF

Anoplophora glabripennis

Asian Longhorned Beetleterrestrial invertebratesH 72 NYS PDF

Apis mellifera scutellata x A. m ligustica, A. m iberiensis

Africanized Honey Beeterrestrial invertebratesM 56 NYS PDF

Archachatina marginata

Margis, Giant West African Snailaquatic invertebratesUnk 15.15 NYS PDF

Bellamya chinensis (Cipangopaludina chinensis)

Chinese Mystery Snailaquatic invertebratesVH 83 NYS PDF

Bellamya japonica (Cipangopaludina japonica)

Japanese Mystery Snailaquatic invertebratesM 62.5 NYS PDF

Bithynia tentaculata

Faucet Snailaquatic invertebratesH 71.28 NYS PDF

Bythotrephes cederstroemi (B. longimanus)

Spiny Water Fleaaquatic invertebratesVH 82.42 NYS PDF

Cairina moschata

Muscovy Duckterrestrial and aquatic vertebratesM 59 NYS PDF

Carassius auratus

GoldfishfishVH 81.63 NYS PDF

Carcinus maenas

Green Crabaquatic invertebratesM 63 NYS PDF

Cercopagis pengoi

Fishhook Water Fleaaquatic invertebratesVH 84.04 NYS PDF

Channa argus

Northern SnakeheadfishH 77 NYS PDF

Channa marulius

Bullseye SnakeheadfishM 57 NYS PDF

Channa micropeltes

Giant SnakeheadfishL 45 NYS PDF

Clarias batrachus

Walking CatfishfishM 51.25 NYS PDF

Corbicula fluminea

Asian Clamaquatic invertebratesH 73.68 NYS PDF

Crassostrea ariakensis

Suminoe Oysteraquatic invertebratesH 76.25 NYS PDF

Cryptococcus fagisuga

Beech Scaleterrestrial invertebratesH 80 NYS PDF

Ctenopharyngodon idella

Grass CarpfishM 68.82 NYS PDF

Cygnus olor

Mute Swanterrestrial and aquatic vertebratesH 76 NYS PDF

Cyprinella lutrensis

Red ShinerfishM 56 NYS PDF

Cyprinus carpio

Common CarpfishVH 90.43 NYS PDF

Daphnia lumholtzi

Water Fleaaquatic invertebratesM 54 NYS PDF

Didemnum vexillum

Carpet Tunicatealgae and cyanobacteriaM 68.89 NYS PDF

Dreissena  rostriformis bugensis

Quagga Musselaquatic invertebratesVH 88 NYS PDF

Dreissena polymorpha

Zebra Musselaquatic invertebratesVH 83 NYS PDF

Eriocheir sinensis

Chinese Mitten Crabaquatic invertebratesM 62 NYS PDF

Gambusia affinis

Western MosquitofishfishVH 80.43 NYS PDF

Gambusia holbrooki

Eastern MosquitofishfishVH 81.72 NYS PDF

Geomyces destructans

White-Nosed Syndromealgae and cyanobacteriaVH 82.22 NYS PDF

Geosmithia morbida, Pityophthorus juglandis

Thousand Canker Disease, Walnut Twig Beetlealgae and cyanobacteriaM 66 NYS PDF

Gymnocephalus cernuus

RuffefishM 59.57 NYS PDF

Hemigrapsus penicillatus

Grapsid Crabaquatic invertebratesM 50.54 NYS PDF

Hemigrapsus sanguineus

Asian Shore Crabaquatic invertebratesVH 88.75 NYS PDF

Hemimysis anomala

Bloody Red Shrimpaquatic invertebratesH 70.23 NYS PDF

Hypophthalmichthys harmandi

Largescale Silver CarpfishM 63 NYS PDF

Hypophthalmichthys molitrix

Silver CarpfishH 79 NYS PDF

Hypophthalmichthys nobilis

Bighead CarpfishM 62 NYS PDF

Ictalurus furcatus

Blue CatfishfishInsig. 38 NYS PDF

Lepus europaeus

European Hareterrestrial and aquatic vertebratesL 45 NYS PDF

Lymantria dispar

Asian & European Gypsy Mothterrestrial invertebratesH 73 NYS PDF

Misgurnus anguillicaudatus

Oriental WeatherfishfishVH 80.25 NYS PDF

Monochamus alternatus

Japanese Pine Sawyerterrestrial invertebratesL 48 NYS PDF

Monopterus albus

Asian Swamp EelfishM 53 NYS PDF

Myiopsitta monachus

Monk Parakeetterrestrial and aquatic vertebratesM 53 NYS PDF

Mylopharyngodon piceus

Black CarpfishM 56 NYS PDF

Myocastor coypus

Nutriaterrestrial and aquatic vertebratesVH 81 NYS PDF

Neogobius melanostomus

Round GobyfishH 78.57 NYS PDF

Nyctereutes procyonoides

Asian Racoon Dogterrestrial and aquatic vertebratesM 57 NYS PDF

Oncorhynchus kisutch

Coho SalmonfishL 46 NYS PDF

Oncorhynchus mykiss

Rainbow TroutfishM 68 NYS PDF

Oncorhynchus tshawytsha

Chinook SalmonfishM 52 NYS PDF

Orconectes rusticus

Rusty CrayFishaquatic invertebratesH 78 NYS PDF

Oreochromis aureus

Blue TilapiafishM 58 NYS PDF

Oreochromis niloticus

Nile TilapiafishM 57 NYS PDF

Oryctolagus cuniculus

European Rabbitterrestrial and aquatic vertebratesM 59 NYS PDF

Petromyzon marinus

Sea LampreyfishM 66.67 NYS PDF

Phasianus colchicus, P. colchicus strachi

Ring-Necked Pheasant, Sichuan Pheasantterrestrial and aquatic vertebratesM 51 NYS PDF

Phytophthora ramorum

Sudden Oak Deathalgae and cyanobacteriaM 54 NYS PDF

Piaractus brachypomus

Red-Bellied PacufishUnk 18 NYS PDF

Podarcis sicula

Italian Wall Lizard, Istanbul Lizardterrestrial and aquatic vertebratesInsig. 29 NYS PDF

Potamopyrgus antipodarum

New Zealand Mud Snailaquatic invertebratesH 79 NYS PDF

Proterorhinus semilunaris (P.marmoratus)

Tubenose GobyfishM 54.55 NYS PDF

Pterois miles, P. volitans

Common Lionfish, Red LionfishfishM 64 NYS PDF

Rapana venosa

Veined Rapa Whelkaquatic invertebratesH 72 NYS PDF

Salmo trutta

Brown TroutfishM 60 NYS PDF

Sander lucioperca (Stizostedion lucioperca)

ZanderfishM 60 NYS PDF

Sirex noctilio; Amylostereum areolatum

Sirex Woodwasp; Symbiotic Fungusalgae and cyanobacteriaH 75 NYS PDF

Styela plicata

Asian Sea Squirtaquatic invertebratesM 65 NYS PDF

Sus scrofa (excluding Sus scrofa domestica)

Eurasian Boarterrestrial and aquatic vertebratesVH 82 NYS PDF

Tachypleus gigas, T. tridentatus, Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda

Asian Horseshoe Crabsaquatic invertebratesL 43.28 NYS PDF

Tilapia buttikoferi

Zebra TilapiafishUnk 20.93 NYS PDF

Tinca tinca

TenchfishH 77 NYS PDF

Trachemys scripta elegans

Red-Eared Sliderterrestrial and aquatic vertebratesM 60 NYS PDF

Xenopus laevis

African Clawed Frogterrestrial and aquatic vertebratesM 55 NYS PDF Map Image

Scardinius erythrophthalmus

RuddfishM 54 NYS PDF