Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISMs)

Among the 12 recommendations of the 2005 NYS Invasive Species Task Force report to the Governor and Legislature was the formation of eight Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISMs) to help prevent or minimize the harm caused by invasive species on New York's environment, economy and the health and well-being of the State's citizens. PRISMs are intended to coordinate invasive species management functions including coordinating partner efforts, recruiting and training citizen volunteers, identifying and delivering education and outreach, establishing early detection monitoring networks and implementing direct eradication and control efforts.


2016 Monthly PRISM Conference Calls and Topics


Click for a listing (with links) of recordings of monthly PRISM WebEx conference calls (with presentations).


PRISM Listserves

To facilitate communication within and among PRISMs, eight e-mail "listserves" (or electronic mailing lists) have been established, one for each of the eight PRISMs. The PRISM listserves are managed by the Cornell Cooperative Extension Invasive Species Program. Note: only members of a listserve can post messages to that list.

PRISM Contacts and Instructions to Subscribe to PRISM Email Listserves

To subscribe to a PRISM Listserve click on the Subscribe to listserve link you wish to belong to in the table below. This will open a blank email addressed to that listserve in your email client. For the Subject of your message, type the single word "join" (without the quotes). Leave the body of the message blank; do not include any signature block or any other text in the body of the email.

APIPP (Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program)
Contact: Brendan Quirion 518-576-2082  bquirion@TNC.ORG
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Capital Mohawk PRISM
Contact: Laurel Gailor 518-885-8995
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CRISP (Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership)
Contact: John Thompson 845-586-2611
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Finger Lakes PRISM
Contact: Hilary Mosher 315-781-4385
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LIISMA (Long Island Invasive Species Management Area)
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Lower Hudson PRISM
Contact: Linda Rohleder 201-512-9348 LRohleder@NYNJTC.ORG
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SLELO (St. Lawrence & Eastern Lake Ontario)
Contact: Rob Williams 315-387-3600 rwilliams@TNC.ORG
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Western New York PRISM
Contact: Andrea Locke 716-878-4708
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For more information on PRISM meetings and activities and how you can become involved, visit the website of the PRISM in which you are interested, or contact the coordinator listed above for the PRISM.




Adirondacks: APIPP

Capital/Mohawk PRISM

Catskills: CRISP

Finger Lakes: FL-PRISM

Long Island: LIISMA

Lower Hudson PRISM


Western PRISM