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WNY PRISM Launches New Website!

WNY PRISM is happy to annouce that we have launched our new website, available here: www.wnyprism.org. This website is designed to provide information specific to our region and is a wonderful addition to the NYS Clearinghouse website. From this point forward, you will find all of our news, updates, resources, reports and events posted on our website. In addition, we have Invasive Species profiles, priority species, newsletters, and so much more!

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Our Events Calendar is continually updated with new information on regional events, festivals, volunteer opportunities, and educational workshops that spotlight invasive species management, ecology, and conservation issues.

Help us keep the most up-to-date informatio on our calendar. If you are interested in having your invasive species related event placed on this calendar, please send information (event name, host organization, date/time, location, contact information, website, and a brief description) to WNY PRISM at wnyprism@buffalostate.edu.

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WNY PRISM 2014 Annual Report

WNY PRISM would like to announce that we have completed our 2014 Annual Report, and that it is now available to view. This document summarizes our many accomplishments from our first year of operation and includes updates on Partner projects. Thank you to everyone who helped pull together information for this report! Last year was an incredibly busy and productive year for both WNY PRISM and all of our regional Partners, and we are looking forward to an exciting 2015!

The full report can be viewed here:  WNY PRISM 2014 Annual Report


WNY PRISM 2015 Annual Work Plan

WNY PRISM has released our 2015 Annual Work Plan. The goals identified in this plan align with our overall goals and include Partner/Network Coordination, Information Management, Education and Outreach, Prevention, Early Detection and Rapid Response, and Management and Habitat Restoration. Actions identified include:

·         Collaborate with Partners and develop new relationships

·         Develop Working Groups aimed at developing regional priorities and identifying needs

o   Working Groups include Aquatic IS, Terrestrial IS, Agriculture IS, Conservation Targets, and Education and Outreach

·         Develop WNY PRISM Website and utilize additional online resources to provide information for the region

·         Hire 2015 Seasonal Crew

·         Provide Educational Opportunities for Partners and residents

·         Conduct Invasive Species Outreach

·         Coordinate WNY effort for Invasive Species Awareness Week

·         Assist Partners with implementation of Prevention and Early Detection efforts and programming

·         Continue encouraging use of iMapInvasives as a regional mapping and early detection tool

·         Provide assistance to Partners with development and review of management plans

·         Assist Partners with Invasive Species removal and habitat restoration efforts

The complete WNY PRISM 2015 Annual Work Plan is available here:  WNY PRISM 2015 Work Plan


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Awards Hydrilla Risk Assessment Contract

Buffalo, NY -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Buffalo District awarded a two year, $1.1 million contract, September 2014, to Ecology and Environment, Inc. (E&E) in support of the Great Lakes Hydrilla Risk Assessment using funds through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Hydrilla is a highly invasive aquatic plant species that was first introduced to the southern United Stated in the 1960's from Asia. More recently there have been a noticeable number of infestations in the glacial lakes of the Northeast and Midwest. Hyrilla infestations have potential to cause significant ecological and economic losses.

Please see full News Release Here

An underwater view of dense hydrilla beds in the Erie Canal, NY


WNY PRISM Reveals New Logo!

Western New York PRISM is excited to share our new logo and thank Valerie Fragale of exit 49 for the fantastic design.

Current Projects

Mapping Invasive Species with iMapInvasives

Please join with WNY PRISM and iMapInvasives to help protect western New York from invasive species! iMapInvasives is an on-line, GIS-based data system that facilitates the management and sharing of invasive species information. This easy to use tool allows citizen scientist to report sightings of invasive species which allow managers to better implement best management practices across the region.

During 2014 Observers across the WNY PRISM region took to iMapInvasives, entering an impressive 3238 invasive species observations into the iMapInvasives online database. These observations included 63 unique species and were entered by 33 individuals. Please help keep our momentum going by continuing to enter your observations. Be on the lookout for more iMapInvasives and Invasive Species Identification trainings starting up in the spring!


WNY PRISM News and Activities


        WNY PRISM Mission

“Proactively identify, evaluate, and address invasive species priorities in western New York using a coordinated partnership of local professionals, organizations, and private citizens to improve, restore, and protect local aquatic and terrestrial resources." 

Meeting Minutes

2015 Spring Full Partnership Meeting


WNY PRISM held our 2015 Spring Full Partnership Meeting on Thursday, May 28th. We were hosted by CCE of Erie County in East Aurora. We welcomed presenters Richard Ruby, Biologist with US Army Corps of Engineers and Deborah Breth, CCE Lake Ontario Fruit Program Leader. Richard Ruby presented on the Tonawanda Creek/Erie Canal Hydrilla Demonstration Program. He gave an overview of the plant and summarized the treatment and surveying results from 2014. Deborah Breth presented on Agricultural Fruit Pests including the brown marmorated stink bug, spotted wing drosophila, and black stem borer. We also heard updates on projects and programs from around the region.

  For more information, see the full summary:  Full Partnership Meeting Summary 5-28-2015

Past Meeting Summaries




Past Meeting Minutes can be found here:


Full Partnership Meeting 12/4/2014

Steering Committee Meeting 9/24/2015

Steering Committee Meeting 7/30/2015

Steering Committee Meeting 3/26/2015

Steering Committee Meeting 1/29/2015

Steering Committee Meeting 10/2/2014

Full Partnership Meeting 6/5/2014

Steering Committee Meeting 3/27/2014

Steering Committee Meeting 1/30/2014

PRISM Reports

WNY PRISM Annual Reports


2014 Annual Report



Annual Work Plans


2015 - WNY PRISM Annual Work Plan

2014 - WNY PRISM Annual Work Plan

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