An EAB Community Task Force is a group of people in key positions and with specific skills that can help their greater community Plan and Prepare for EAB.

EAB Task Forces should encompass more than one municipality. They could be multiple towns, county-wide, multiple counties, or even regional. The scale of the projects, the level of communication, and the individuals involved will all change with the scale.

An EAB Task Force can be used for several jobs:

  • Conducting Ash Tree Inventory
  • Communicating between municipalities
  • Sharing resources
  • Minimizing economic impact
  • Identifying community resources and needs
  • Equipment and staff expertise
  • Ash log and wood chip marshalling yards
  • Developing/implementing educational plans
  • Educating potential EAB planners and implementers
  • Economic Development
  • Ash wood marketing projects
  • Identifying EAB Issues
  • Finding Funding Sources
  • Creating a Resource Directory for your area
  • Arborists/Tree Care Companies
  • Pesticide Applicators
  • Nurseries
  • Wood Utilization Facilities
  • Firewood Dealers

An EAB Task Force should include as many of the following people as possible:

  • County and municipal planners
  • Park supervisors (State, county, town, etc.)
  • Institution grounds supervisors (colleges, large businesses hospitals, etc.)
  • Foresters
  • Arborists
  • Landscape Architects
  • Conservation Associations
  • County Committees
  • Environmental Management Council members
  • Water Quality Coordinating Council members
  • Planning and Economic Development Board members
  • Tourism officials and business owners
  • City, village, or town officials
  • Utilities representatives
  • Department of Transportation staff or officials
  • Residents with related training, education, and skills
  • Motivated volunteers

A sample EAB Task Force Agenda, from Tompkins County, can be found here: Tompkins EAB Task Force.pdf

"The Case for forming local Emerald Ash Borer Task Forces." A letter written by Mark Whitmore.

For more information on EAB Task Forces, see the EAB Task Force Projects page and the Established EAB Task Forces Page.