Here are Ten Things You Can Do to Slow the Spread of EAB and Slow Ash Mortality!

  1. Don't Move Firewood! EAB can easily be transported in ash firewood. Don't give EAB a free ride. http://www.dontmovefirewood.org/ And, see the Firewood and Quarantine page for details on NY's firewood movement ban.
  2. Educate yourself - Learn how to identify ash trees, how to identify EAB and how to recognize the Signs & Symptoms of EAB infestation.
  3. Volunteer to help with a Community Street Tree Inventory.
  4. Keep track of where EAB is now so you know when EAB has reached neighboring counties or communities.
  5. Become a Wasp Watcher! so that you can help sound the alarm when EAB first arrives in your community.
  6. Volunteer for an EAB Community Task Force. For more information see What is a Community Task Force? and linked pages.
  7. Spread the Word! Alert your community to the need for planning and preparation with this poster and serve on an EAB Community Preparedness Planning Committee. http://ccechenango99.squarespace.com/storage/hort-nr/forestry/eab/EAB%20Plan%20Poster.pdf
  8. Educate Others - Write letters to the editor, invite CCE Educators to speak about EAB to your club or group, or develop local EAB educational materials.
  9. Collect Ash Seeds for future ash trees. The USDA Forest Service National Seed Laboratory has information available on Ash Seed Collection. You can help preserve ash genetics by participating in this effort.
  10. Report Suspicious Sightings - Contact your local Cornell Cooperative Extension office for identification assistance http://www.cce.cornell.edu, your regional NYS DEC Forestry office http://www.dec.ny.gov or the DEC EAB hotline at (866)640-0652, or report your sighting at http://beetlebusters.com.


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