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EAB Identification

If you'd like to get EAB identification help, check the Report a Sighting page. (link to internal Report a Sighting page)

Presentation and Technical Assistance Help

Looking for a speaker or need help with an EAB Preparedness Plan contact your local Cornell Cooperative Extension office at or your regional NYS DEC Forestry office You can also contact the NYS DEC Lands and Forests Office of Communication, Training and Enforcement Coordination at CCE and DEC availability will vary by area.

EAB Speaker's Bureau

Your Local Cornell Cooperative Extension Educator-
Mark Whitmore- Cornell University
Rebecca Hargrave- Cornell Cooperative Extension
Emily Kurth- NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
More to come!


Currently there are no specific funds for local EAB issues. However, there are general Urban Forestry grants for municipalities and communities from the DEC. While not specific to EAB, they can be used for things such as inventory, tree planting, and tree maintenance. Urban and Community Forestry Cost Share grant information can be found at

Check with your county or local municipality to see if they are able to support EAB planning and management efforts near you.

Additional EAB Web Sites

The National Emerald Ash Borer web site is the most comprehensive web site for EAB information: it provides images, maps, identification information, examples of community preparedness plans from across the country, EAB University, and the latest research from across the US.

The USDA Forest Service EAB web site: includes the official EAB Pest Alert, Ash tree resources and more.

The USDA APHIS EAB web site: background, history, pictures, regulations.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation main EAB web site: Help by joining the search for the Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Longhorned Beetle: learn more and take action.