WEBSITES is part of an international effort to provide the latest information about emerald ash borer. Contains information on: how to identify ash trees; detailed information how to identify Emerald Ash Borer; signs and symptoms; how to report suspected infestations; control options; information on moving firewood; what to do with infested trees; and numerous educational publications, and other materials.

Woody Plants Database, Cornell University. Searchable database.

USDA/NRCS Plants Database, Searchable database.

"Ash Seed Collection," National Seed Laboratory website with video, presentation and other materials on seed collection.

NYS 4-H Wasp Watchers Project, Cornell Cooperative Extension For information contact: Gary Goff at

"Working with Cerceris fumipennis," International government collaboration.

"i-tree tools". Free, downloadable software for conducting street tree inventories, and inventories of other areas. Created by the USDA Forest Service and partners. For use on handheld computer and can easily be used by trained volunteers. Software provides statistical analysis of collected data and can calculate economic and environmental value of a community's trees.

Urban Horticulture Institute, Cornell University. Community Forestry Section of this site provides information on "Developing a Community Forestry Inventory," "Conducting and Street Tree Inventory," and links to additional resources.