New York Sea Grant Extension Aquatic Invasive Species Contacts

Please contact these educators  for Aquatic Invasive Species information only in the regions where they are located. Please do not contact them with questions pertaining to agricultural, forest, lawn & garden, or any other terrestrial invasives.  For terrestrial invasive species information, please contact your local office of Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Website Manager:

Brittney Rogers
Extension Aide
Newark, NY
Phone: (315) 331-8415

Additional New York Sea Grant Contacts:

Mary Austerman
Great Lakes Coastal Community Development Specialist
Oswego, NY
Phone: (315) 312-3042

Helen Domske
Coastal Education Specialist
Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 645-3610

Nordica Holochuck
Hudson Estuary Specialist
Kingston, NY
Phone: (845) 340-3983