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New York Sea Grant Extension Aquatic Invasive Species Contacts

Website Manager:

Brittney Rogers
Extension Aide
Newark, NY
Phone: (315) 331-8415


Additional New York Sea Grant Contacts:

Helen Domske
Coastal Education Specialist
Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 645-3610

Jesse Lepak
Fisheries and Ecosystem Specialist
Phone: 315.312.3042
Nordica Holochuck
Hudson Estuary Specialist
Kingston, NY
Phone: (845) 340-3983
Please contact these educators for Aquatic Invasive Species information only in the regions where they are located. Please do not contact them with questions pertaining to agricultural, forest, lawn & garden, or any other terrestrial invasives.  For terrestrial invasive species information, please contact your Local Offices of Cornell Cooperative Extension or Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Information.