New York Invasive Species (NYIS.info) was founded in 2008, with funds from the New York State Environmental Protection Fund and through a contract with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. NYIS.info was established in response to Recommendation 5 of the November 2005 report of the New York State Invasive Species Task Force to the Governor and Legislature. The Task Force recommended that the State should integrate invasive species databases and information clearinghouses. This resulted in the creation of the invasive species database and mapping project iMapInvasives and the information clearinghouse project, NYIS.info. Since July 2015, after state funding ran out, NYIS.info has remained online as a program of New York Sea Grant and is currently undergoing a large transformation to become a more modern and responsive website.For more information on who we are, please continue reading. More information on New York State’s and the U.S. Federal invasive species programs can be found in our Response pages.



NYIS.info is a gateway for New Yorkers to access timely, accurate scientific and policy information so they can make informed decisions about preventing, eradicating, controlling and managing invasive species in New York State. NYIS.info also provides information on upcoming invasive species events and invasive species news of interest to New Yorkers. NYIS.INFO has subsumed the National Aquatic Nuisance Species Clearinghouse and its Aquatic Invasive Species Database and has formed linkages with the New York Invasive Species Database (iMapInvasives), the New York Invasive Species Research Institute at Cornell, and numerous State and Federal agency invasive species programs. NYIS.info works closely with the State’s eight PRISMs (Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management) to support them in their invasive species activities.

New York Sea Grant, in addition to maintaining NYIS.info, also carries out an extensive aquatic invasive species program along the State’s Great Lakes and marine coasts.

  • New York Sea Grant is a statutory member of the NY Invasive Species Advisory Committee, as established by Article 9, Section 17 of the Environmental Conservation Law.
  • Numerous Sea Grant Extension Educators are involved in outreach education programs with diverse audiences including teachers and youth, anglers, recreational boaters, and the general public.
  • With the development and implementation of new watercraft inspection programs around New York State it is critical that these programs are aware of the standardized protocol and branding currently in use. New York Sea Grant’s Train-the-Trainer program is available to provide guidance, support and assistance to new and developing watercraft inspection programs by providing training for the program leaders both prior to and on an as-needed basis.


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