May 25, 2015

NY Invasive Species Clearinghouse Nears End of Eight Year Run

The New York Invasive Species Clearinghouse project - NYIS.INFO ( was founded in 2008 using NY Environmental Protection Fund funds through a contract with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. That state funding runs out on June 30th 2015 and is not being renewed by the State. The fate of New York’s preeminent source of science-based invasive species information for everyone from school children to park managers, from outdoor recreators to environmentalists, from farmers to flower gardeners, now hangs on the hope of raising private funding.

NY Invasive Species Info is the major gateway for New Yorkers to access timely, scientifically accurate information on invasive species that are currently ravaging the state’s natural resources, farm crops, and built environments such as parks and home landscaping. NYIS.INFO helps New Yorkers make informed decisions about preventing, eradicating, controlling and managing invasive species of particular interest to NYS and to educate our youth on how to work toward an invasive species-free future.

While the website, NYIS.INFO will remain on-line for another 12 months, loss of staff may affect the timeliness of any new site content.

The project has launched a crowdfunding effort at to raise funds to keep at least a minimal staffing level to keep the site current and to add new content to the site.

36 days and counting!! Please help us keep the lights on and keep this vital invasive species resource up-to-date and filled with information that New Yorker's need. Take a moment to go to to contribute to this important effort. What does your donation get you other than the satisfaction of having your name on our donor list?

Every $300 donated pays for writing a new invasive species profile and turning it into a print-on-demand publication. Come on folks...let's all 'adopt' a nasty critter!!
Every $400 donated keeps the site staffed for a month, News and Events calendars up-to-date, and new invasive species educational content added.
Invasive species (harmful alien plants, animals, insects, and pathogens that are causing  economic or environmental harm or harm to human health. Hundreds of millions of dollars damage and even human deaths have already happened in NY.
It has been the distinct pleasure of the Clearinghouse and website staff to have served New Yorkers for the past eight years in the State's battle against this silent biological invasion. If you have any questions, please contact Chuck O'Neill, project coordinator: