Mar 25, 2015

NYSDEC announces Invasive Species Coordination Unit Research Scientist 2 position


Position Minimum Qualifications:

A Bachelor’s Degree and three years of professional research experience in aquatic biology; or a Master's Degree in aquatic biology and two years of professional research experience in that field; or a doctorate degree in aquatic biology. Strong written and oral communication, organization and project management skills are required. Degrees held must be related to aquatic biology, natural resources, or environmental studies.


Area of Specialty is Aquatic Biology; and preference will be given to candidates who possess academic credentials and experience in the following fields; Ecological risk assessment; AIS research, detection, and prevention.


Highlights of duties:


Under the technical and administrative supervision of the Invasive Species Coordination Unit Leader, Biologist 3 (Ecology), the successful candidate will be responsible for the following activities:


Assess Risk 30%

  • Identify and evaluate risks associated with AIS introduction pathways.
  • Identify specific AIS most likely to be introduced into and moved within NYS and evaluate risks to New York’s natural, economic, and human health associated with those AIS.
  • Develop effective qualitative assessment tools that can be used by agencies and partners to help identify the risk of AIS introduction to particular waters and watersheds and the nature and amplitude of negative impacts associated with the AIS introduction


Coordinate and Evaluate AIS Research Funded by the Department 25%

  • Coordinate AIS research projects funded by Department.
  • Work with State and Federal agencies, NY Invasive Species Research Council, and researchers to identify gaps in knowledge and additional research needs 
  • Conduct literature searches and communicate with researchers to gain a working knowledge of efficacy, safety, feasibility, and practical applications of materials, equipment, and techniques to prevent the spread of AIS
  • Coordinate with NY Invasive Species Research Institute to assembler a web-based catalogue of research on AIS, Primary Investigators, and contacts
  • Coordinate with NYS AIS Plan workgroup, IS Council agencies, and partners to help support and deliver research-related actions identified in the NY Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan


Prevention Methods and Best Management Practices 20%

  • Identify and evaluate mechanisms such as boat wash stations to prevent AIS transport by various vectors including boats
  • Develop practical Best Management Practices for State agency programs and others, performance standards, and metrics for various AIS vectors


AIS Survey, Detection, Rapid Response and Monitoring 15%

  • Conduct literature searches and communicate with researchers to identify best AIS identification and detection approaches, methods, and technologies
  • Develop standard monitoring metrics and standards for AIS
  • Evaluate NY and other states’ responses to AIS and assess outcomes for proposed projects; inform future responses by communicating expected outcomes and setting appropriate expectations
  • Develop restoration plans for aquatic ecosystems negatively impacted by AIS to support native species


Information Sharing and Collaborations 10%

  • Serve as expert lecturer and contributor in professional conferences and provide professional presentations on AIS topics to diverse audiences.
  • Serve as science advisory staff to NYS AIS Plan work group
  • Develop technical reports and white papers, publish findings, as appropriate. Communicate and work with NYISRI and academic institutions to inform such reports and findings.




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