Mar 9, 2015

The NYS DEC Forest Health & Protection Program 2014 Giant Hogweed Annual Report is now available


The DEC Forest Health giant hogweed crews and partner agencies (Oswego SWCD and four PRISMs [Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management] -- APIPP, CRISP, Lower Hudson, and SLELO) had an extremely productive field season which resulted in the following achievements: 

  • 1,495 (93%) of the 1,613 active sites located throughout 47 counties in NY State were visited
  • 501 sites previously infested (28% of all sites), no longer had any giant hogweed plants
    • 239 of these sites have been monitored for 3 years with no plants found and we now consider them eradicated
  • 516 sites had only 1-19 plants (34% of active sites). The sites are getting smaller in size
  • 556 sites were treated with root-cutting- 22,255 plants controlled
  • 551 sites were treated with herbicide- 397,000 plants sprayed
  • 316 sites were treated with flower/seed head removal- 7,677 flower/seed heads removed
  • The hotline, based out of the New Paltz DEC office, received 2,491 calls and emails


Click here to access a PDF of the 2014 DEC Giant Hogweed Program Report.


For more information:

Naja Kraus
Forest Health & Protection Botanist, Division of Lands & Forests
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
(845) 256-3001