Feb 3, 2015

2015 Annual Work Plan

WNY PRISM 2015 Annual Work Plan

WNY PRISM has released our 2015 Annual Work Plan. The goals identified in this plan align with our overall goals and include Partner/Network Coordination, Information Management, Education and Outreach, Prevention, Early Detection and Rapid Response, and Management and Habitat Restoration. Actions identified include:

·         Collaborate with Partners and develop new relationships

·         Develop Working Groups aimed at developing regional priorities and identifying needs

o   Working Groups include Aquatic IS, Terrestrial IS, Agriculture IS, Conservation Targets, and Education and Outreach

·         Develop WNY PRISM Website and utilize additional online resources to provide information for the region

·         Hire 2015 Seasonal Crew

·         Provide Educational Opportunities for Partners and residents

·         Conduct Invasive Species Outreach

·         Coordinate WNY effort for Invasive Species Awareness Week

·         Assist Partners with implementation of Prevention and Early Detection efforts and programming

·         Continue encouraging use of iMapInvasives as a regional mapping and early detection tool

·         Provide assistance to Partners with development and review of management plans

·         Assist Partners with Invasive Species removal and habitat restoration efforts

The complete WNY PRISM 2015 Annual Work Plan is available here:  WNY PRISM 2015 Work Plan