Jan 14, 2014

New York Invasive Species Advisory Committee 2013 Annual Report Available

Annual Report 2013


Click here for a copy of the 2013 ISAC report. Some of the topics addressed in the report include:

  • Identified statewide education and outreach gaps and submitted recommendations for priority needs
  • Assisted implementation of the Invasive Species Prevention Act
  • Identified priority pathways to minimize invasive species spread and submitted recommended action steps to the Invasive Species Council
  • Responded to Invasive Species Council directives
  • Developed recommendations to be considered by Invasive Species Council
  • Provided guidance to Invasive Species Coordination Unit at NYS DEC, as needed/requested
  • Provided guidance to draft legislation, as needed/requested
  • Developed the 2013 Invasive Species Advisory Committee work plan and completed the 2013 ISAC annual report
  • Informed ISAC members about invasive species related news
  • Participated in four regular Invasive Species Council meetings and special Invasive Species Council-Invasive Species Advisory Committee joint meeting and presented an Invasive Species Advisory Committee report at each meeting
  • Participated in monthly PRISM calls, as able / appropriate
  • Submitted Invasive Species Advisory Committee info to be posted on NYIS.INFO that describes the Invasive Species Advisory Committee charge, membership, and initiatives.