Aug 21, 2013

Alternatives to Ornamental Invasive Plants Guidebook Available On-Line

From Long Island Invasive Species Management Area website:

"Long Island, NY is one of many locations throughout the U.S. that has taken progressive steps towards improving the environment by reducing the spread of invasive plants.  Invasive plants have damaged Long Island’s unique woodlands by replacing native flora, and in turn, negatively impacting wildlife and natural ecosystem processes.  Invasive species are among the top causes of biodiversity loss across the globe. 

You can be part of the solution, by growing and planting alternatives to ornamental invasive plants!  These plants were selected based upon their similar ornamental characteristics and cultural requirements compared to the invasives.  Alternative plants may be native or non-native, but are not invasive.  Alternative plants are well-adapted to Long Island, and many are readily available at Long Island nurseries.  You can help make the future of Long Island greener by growing these “native-friendly” plants!"

Some of these alternative plants are available for viewing in a small "Native-Friendly" research and demonstration garden designed and installed by Alexis Alvey, Nursery & Landscape Specialist at Cornell University’s Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center in Riverhead.

The use of many of these plants to replace non-native plants is by no means limited to Long Island; interested readers from throughout the New England and northern Mid-Atlantic state could also benefit this from reading this book.

Click here to download Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County's book on alternative plants