Jul 26, 2013

Lake George Park Commission approves mandatory boat washing and inspection program


The Lake George Park Commission has unanimously voted to create a mandatory boat-washing and inspection program for that Adirondack waterbody. This vote include the affimative vote from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation's representative on the Commission. The legislation directs Park Commission staff to draft rules and regulations for the program and submit them to the Commision for final ratification.

The intent of the program is to control invasive species in Lake George by managing one of the largest, most important vectors of transport of aquatic invasive species: species hitchhiking on recreational boats being trailered from waterbody to waterbody.

The crackdown on all trailered boats would be the first of its kind in New York State.

Click here to view the Draft LGPC Regulations to Require Watercraft Inspections for AIS