Jun 25, 2013

Boat cleaning videos available

The 3 ½ minute Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers: Clean, Drain, Dry video, produced by the Lake George Association can now be viewed at http://youtu.be/CjnSpm6v7WM   Aquatic invasive species are non-native plants and animals that threaten native plants, wildlife, and their habitat. They also affect humans by degrading boating and fishing areas and reducing lake shore property values and tourism. Once established, eradication is almost impossible. This video explains how you can help prevent the introduction of new invasive species into Lake George and other local waterways by making sure you clean, drain, and dry all boating, fishing, and other recreational equipment before you use it in a body of water.

More information about invasive species in Lake George and how you can help protect the lake can be found at the Lake George Association invasive species page: http://www.lakegeorgeassociation.org/what-we-do/Invasive-Species/invasive-species.asp

The full 30 minute version of "Lake Defenders" A Public Television Documentary can be viewed on the Mountain Lakes PBS page at http://youtu.be/yBm-V1thfD4  Lake Defenders explores the ecological and economic issues of aquatic invasive species impact in Lake George, highlighting both the successes and mounting challenges faced by the shoreline communities that depend on a healthy lake system. The 30-minute educational documentary promotes public awareness and participation in stopping the spread of invasives, and provides a case study in management practices as a model for hundreds of communities nationwide. This project was created in partnership by Mountain Lake PBS and BrightBlue EcoMedia