Apr 4, 2013

NEANS Releases Hydrilla Literature Review

The review of the body of scientific publications Monoecious Hydrilla – A Review of the Literature has been released by NEANS (the Northeast Aquatic Nuisance Species Panel).


Hydrilla verticillata is a submersed aquatic weed that has become one of most expensive and difficult to manage in the United States. There are two biotypes of Hydrilla found in the United States, a dioecious and a monoecious biotype. The monoecious biotype is typically found from North Carolina northward and is rapidly spreading. The body of research focusing on strictly the monoecious biotype is much smaller than that of the dioecious, as reflected in the literature. A search with BIOSIS yielded 1,246 articles with the topic ‘hydrilla’; only 53 of those had the additional topic ‘monoecious’. Many publications on Hydrilla make no mention of biotype, therefore only an educated guess can be made based on study locations to decipher biotype. Provided is a comprehensive overview of published research on monoecious Hydrilla.

PDF versions of the literature review and its appendix, Cited Articles and Abstracts, can be found on the NY Invasive Species Clearinghouse website (NYIS.INFO) by clicking the following links or going to the NYIS.INFO Hydrilla profile page and looking under Resources :

Monoecious Hydrilla – A Review of the Literature

Cited Articles and Abstracts