Dec 19, 2012

NY Invasive Species Advisory Committee issues 2012 Annual Report

The New York State Invasive Species Advisory Committee (NYS ISAC) prepared a 2012 work plan that outlined objectives for the year. A primary focus was to re-engage the membership, work more closely with the Invasive Species Council (ISC), and identify opportunities for the ISAC to help advance invasive species initiatives in New York. On December 19, 2012, the NYS ISAC members released a brief report on its activities and accomplishments for 2012. Click here for a copy of the ISAC report.

Topics addressed include:

  • Form Education and Outreach Committee and identify statewide gaps in public invasive species education
  • Provide guidance to draft NYS invasive species legislation
  • Provide guidance to the NYS DEC Office of Invasive Species Coordination
  • Identify priority pathways to minimize invasive species spread and submit recommendations to the NYS Invasive Species Council (NYS ISC)
  • Respond to NYS ISC directives as needed/requested
  • Develop recommendations to be considered by the Council
  • Play a leadership role in developing a NYS invasive species list
  • Evaluate Voluntary Codes of Conduct for adoption by NYS ISAC member organizations