Sep 29, 2011

Ithaca, NY -  Allan H. Treman State Marine Park boat launch to be closed starting Saturday, October 1, 2011

"In an effort to prevent the spread of the highly invasive aquatic plant Hydrilla verticillata growing in the Cayuga Inlet in Ithaca, I have ordered  that the boat launch at Allan H. Treman State Marine Park be closed starting Saturday, October 1, 2011," announced Tim Joseph, Finger Lakes State Parks Regional Director. The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, which operates the State Marine Park, intends to keep the launch closed until after efforts to stop the growth of hydrilla for this season have been completed.

Hydrilla, which has been called one of the most invasive aquatic plants in the world, can be spread on boats, boat trailers, and any boating gear that gets wet in infested waters. Even small fragments of the plant can start a new population if it is transported to an uninfested area. It is therefore important to limit the number of boats leaving the infested area of the Cayuga Inlet in Ithaca to prevent the introduction of the plant into other Finger Lakes and inland water bodies. Because boats in the water can also spread the plant, boaters are also being asked not to take their boats north from the infested Inlet into the uninfested waters of Cayuga Lake proper.

Boaters are being asked to follow basic clean boat measures and clean their boats, trailers, and equipment before leaving Cayuga Lake for other inland water bodies and let those boats dry thoroughly for a week in the sun before launching into other inland waters.

Click here for the full Finger Lakes State Parks press release.